World Armistice Voices Everywhere

World Armistice Voices Everywhere …..

The moment in our history for world armistice, leading to permanent global disarmament has arrived. This historic moment we have longed for, imagined and anticipated is now.

The time for explanations and justifications for the need to continue to make war as a means of managing conflict is over. The age of war is closing. We now have available non-violent technology and advanced creative solutions more appropriate to our human dignity.

Parents, relatives, friends, protectors of the world’s children are uniting to design, build and sustain the world armistice needed for all people to live and grow safely. Around the world people are making common cause to manifest and sustain permanent world armistice leading to world peace and to allow children to grow up without unnecessary pain and learn to be keepers of armistice and peace in their turn.

Conflict can now be managed and eventually resolved intelligently and non-violently. The enlightened mind of the world knows that we now have the knowledge to take this momentous step in our evolution. Together we are the power conquering our fears.

We know that the global eco-system that sustains life is fragile and has already taken more than enough punishment from military-industrial activity. It is obvious that permanent armistice and the building and sustaining of a world culture of peace, with the political and economic justice that goes with it, is now essential for the protection of Earth and its life support systems and therefore our own survival.

Our children are our most precious assets and responsibilities. They are watching and waiting for us to act to protect them now. It is the responsibility of us adults to fulfill the expectations of our children in giving them the protection of world armistice leading to permanent peace keeping. This challenge won’t wait. Our children are here and can’t and won’t wait. Now is the time.

*armistice ~ from L arma arms and sistere to stop (same route as                    solstice)



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