Assertive Communication Consultancy

I am an experienced Assertive Communications Teacher, an old hand at personal consultancy, an elder who is passionate about conscious and creative communication, personal and collective freedom and responsibility.

Do you find yourself in painful conflict with significant people, arguing or even rowing about important things instead of listening properly and saying what you want to say and being heard?

Do you wish you were more confident, free, honest and your life was more loving?

Do you feel restricted, repressed, resentful, dissatisfied in your personal life?

Are you aware of old patterns of thinking that are running you and maybe spoiling your life?

Do you react and get defensive when certain people say things to you that you don’t like, that seem unfair or untrue?

If the answer to any of these questions is, “Yes”, then time spent with me is likely to be very beneficial to you.

You would come to see me in a picturesque village near Glastonbury in Somerset for a negotiated fee.

I can book you a local B&B, transport you to and from a bus and train.

I can offer a telephone follow up service.

I am unshockable, unrelenting, fearless and uncompromising.

Are you ready for the kind of life changes that I could facilitate?



‘I have worked with Morgan for two months and a few weeks now. It has been the most profound few months of my life. I have gone through the most intense and meaningful psychological breakthroughs supported by her and patiently allowed to unfold. With Morgan’s help I have been able to see long entrenched patterns of my behavior and in some cases choose a different path. I have really felt safe to express myself, to cry, to explore my feelings with her. I trust her and would recommend her services to anybody who is willing to face themselves.  

I will never forget my experience with Morgan and I feel much more confident and free to engage in life in spite of my fears and anxieties. I strongly recommend taking up Morgan’s assertiveness training, as it has truly transformed me into an open and honest person who engages with the world in an authentic and more creative way.’

Keegan Blazey, 25/04/2019

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