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Keegan and I, permaculture designers both, have been doing a makeover of a tiny back yard. S far we have sown, radish, chard, mange tout peas, broad beans, salad bowl lettuce, carrots and sunflowers.To create more growing space we decided to move a small frog pond. My grandson Luke is visiting and the three of us set to to empty the pond and decant the frogs into a bucket. I expected to find two and we found nearly twenty!
We also found a small newt, which escaped from its temporary home when my back was turned. I am feeling very sad about that, responsible for losing a rare creature. I am hoping that it is hiding somewhere and will find its way to the pond just a few feet away from where it was.
We are wondering if we should relocate most of the brood of frogs that have grown to maturity from last years spawning in a tiny pond with no other surface water anywhere near.

Here are all the photographs Keegan took.





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If Shamima Begum had said, when interviewed, something like, “Violence is never a good way to respond to conflict, to what we don’t like or approve of and I know that now. That’s a big part of why I want to come home”, she would have inspired compassion.

But we don’t teach such wisdom to our children. They know we send weapons and soldiers abroad, to perpetrate violence against others doing what our own government doesn’t like. They watch endless dramas on their screens showing people punishing other people with violence of all kinds, and then we complain if they grow up to think that if people offend us this is common if not normal behaviour.

What hypocrisy! We teach our British trained children that fighting and killing can be justified if we think we are in the right and then wonder why they believe us and get their brains scrambled into ghastly knots.

These young people can definitely come home and we can all work together to take responsibility for what our leaders are doing in our name. I am ashamed of what some British corporations and the politicians that condone their murderous activities are doing in my name. The disapproval and shaming that is being shovelled onto Shamina by powerful adults is more dishonest and misguided than anything she can take personal responsibility for as a vulnerable youngster of our scrambled culture.



Help is here with this website!

Today, my friend Jeremy is giving me a tutorial on editing this wonderful website. I feel like a kid in kindergarten, a bit scared but more excited.

So watch this space because it’s on the move again!