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Keegan and I, permaculture designers both, have been doing a makeover of a tiny back yard. S far we have sown, radish, chard, mange tout peas, broad beans, salad bowl lettuce, carrots and sunflowers.To create more growing space we decided to move a small frog pond. My grandson Luke is visiting and the three of us set to to empty the pond and decant the frogs into a bucket. I expected to find two and we found nearly twenty!
We also found a small newt, which escaped from its temporary home when my back was turned. I am feeling very sad about that, responsible for losing a rare creature. I am hoping that it is hiding somewhere and will find its way to the pond just a few feet away from where it was.
We are wondering if we should relocate most of the brood of frogs that have grown to maturity from last years spawning in a tiny pond with no other surface water anywhere near.

Here are all the photographs Keegan took.





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