Trinity of Power & Control

I think that most important things come in threes.

Sex, Power and Money for example. The relationship between feminine and masculine overall in our world can be studied and creatively experienced only if money and power are included in the picture. Money and Power must also be seen in a context that includes global sex and gender relationships, gender being masculine and feminine characteristics, cultural as well as inherent.

It also seems to me that Freedom, Truth and  Love make an indivisible trinity, only being in the presence of the other two to have any real meaning. Of course, this is a flexible conceptual device, with beauty appearing as a miraculous fourth element, coming naturally from a conscious  creative relationship with this trinity.

Freedom needs to be qualified by saying that it is always also responsibility, otherwise it is merely license, to exploit, pollute etc. Truth is only ever the embodied and inevitably partial truth of the moment. Love is only love if it as absolutely unconditional as possible. Talking about these big questions has been the prerogative of religious figures, but now it appears that the world is ready to talk about the development of consciousness necessary to dissolve the hierarchies of domination into a wholistic philosophy for a sustainable future.

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