Information for Visitors

If you would like to visit Turners’ Field, please email or call me to arrange a time. A donation for the Turners’ Field Growers will be welcomed.

As Turners’ Field is a wildlife haven, for many years we have kept an agreement to keep the land entirely dog free.

We also keep Turners’ Field as a tobacco free space. This decision was made, again many years ago, as a committment to healing addiction.

Compton Dundon is accessible by bus on the main bus route connecting Bristol to Yeovil. The bus route goes through Wells, Glastonbury and Street and the number is 377/376. It is about an hour’s walk from Glastonbury and a comfortable bike ride mainly across flat moorland.

Turners’ Field is not open to the public and you will need to meet someone by appointment to go there. Thank you.


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